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First off, this may sound strange coming from a custom cabinet company, but,  We Don't Do Kitchens!  We can, and have in the past, but our main concentration is in the rooms you walk thrrough to get to the kitchen! We do the rooms you play in, the rooms you relax in, work in, and entertain in. We do the mud rooms, closets, foyers, hallways, and everything in between. 


Don't get us wrong, we have a lot of respect for kitchen cabinet guys, but frankly, you could place them next to each other and they would stretch from New York to LA. That's a lot of cut throat competition. Not our game. Instead, we direct our energy and effort towards building cabinets according to your specific situation, need and desire. For example: creating a highly detailed coffer ceiling, wall-to-wall cabinetry and wood paneling in a uniquely designed library, that you conceived and we made a reality, is what motivates us to excel at what we do best.

           As well as custom cabinets, we are library and coffer ceiling experts. Our #1 ranking in Google search for "library cabinets" indicates our commitment to being the best and staying the best. You deserve the best in quality, craftsmanship, service and support. You earned it and you'll get it with Watkins Cabinets!


We will custom build your library just the way you want it. From full height bookcases fitting wall-to-wall to boockcases with base cabinets that have doors and drawers. Built-in desks units, fireplace features, and entertainment centers. Window seats and custom moldings. Finish off you home library with a beautiful coffer ceilling.


Typical units have base cabinets with doors and or drawers. Counter-tops and upper shelving or storage with doors. Also, may consist of both tall bookcases and base with upper cabinets or an added desk area as well may be included. Baseboard and crown moulding are frequently added to cabinets and room to improve the overall look. Sometimes window seats are added to provide addtional storage under the window areas. Window and door trim is often replaced with new to match cabinetry material/color.

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"Got A Niche?"....."We Can Fill It!" 

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